Demo – Update 1.02 – Changelog

Available for Download, also via direct link: DOS65-DEMO-1.02-all

  • Added Enter/Exit transitions for characters
    • Changed scene transition for “The stars come out” date
  • More files to read
  • Continuing with progress on dialogue scenes for the full release
  • Added exceptions for player actions, so they don’t show up in the conversation backlog
    • Following NPCs around the ship, turning your head to reveal different backgrounds
  • Fixed bug preventing player from opening their own .si and .brain files
    • Permissions are still locked, though, atleast for the demo
  • New & improved backgrounds
  • Overhauled the character sprite displayer, body and facial expressions are now seperate images
    • Note the smaller overall filesize
    • This will make adding new sprites, and new bodies for those sprites so much easier
  • New & improved character spites
  • Fixed major bug regarding cd command
  • Fixed minor bug regarding open command