Demo – Update 1.01

Available for Download, also via direct link: DOS65-DEMO-1.01-all

Don’t let the numbers fool you. This isn’t a small update.

Here, have a changelog:

  • Merged /home/player/stuff directory with /home/player/debug
  • Expanded cd’s functionality
    • New parameters include ~[username], -, and ..
      • Details on what they do in game, in /home/player/debug/advanced_cd_usage
  • Started work on rm (removing files) functionality
    • Currently is only triggered via player choices
  • Moments of silence ‘…’ and […] player responses now show up in the backlog
  • A couple of new openable files in the terminal
  • Unencrypted /home/Kim
  • Started work on post-demo dialogue scenes
  • DOS65 now remembers which folders you open, in addition to which files (present since 1.0)
    • Some dialogue options only become visible by exploring the terminal
  • Restructured filesystem objects to improve save file compatibility between versions
  • Restructured gender-setting algorithm
  • Less global variables, cleaned up initialization
  • Added a couple new easter eggs
    • More like a new feature
    • OOP programmers know what I’m talking about

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